100 Proofreading is a leading provider of both structural and copy editing services in Adelaide, South Australia.

Structural editing is the process of improving the overarching structure of a text. A structural editor will suggest how content can be reorganised to improve readability, what content should be added and what should be cut. In short, the editor will determine whether the text is sufficiently well-structured to achieve its aims, or how it could become so.

Copy editing subsequently improves the text's presentation and factual accuracy. A copy edit will ensure that spelling and punctuation are consistent throughout the text; that the index and other lists are consistent with the contents; and that referencing is in keeping with the necessary standards for publication. Dubious statements of fact will be questioned. This is highly recommended for all book authors, as an author who only seeks the services of a proofreader must accept full responsibility for the factual accuracy of their work.

The amount of labour involved in editing a book can vary widely, depending on how many structural changes and corrections must be made. We charge per hour at a rate of $60 AUD.